Swedish Massage

A massage specifically designed to relax and rejuvenate muscles; a combination of techniques applied through pressure and rubbing, in the same direction as the blood flow returning to the heart, an all over MOT for your body.

1 hour: £45.50

45 minutes: £40

30 minutes: £30

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage technique focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. For those of us that like a firm massage, go for this one. Deep tissue massage can often cause some discomfort the day after as the muscle rebuilds and recovers. However you will be thanking us in a couple of days!

1 hour: £50

45 minutes: £42

30 minutes: £32.50

Sports Therapy Massage

Sports massage involves assessment and manipulation of soft tissue areas and plays an important role in the recovery and rehabilitation of injuries. First and foremost it can prevent injury and as we all know prevention is better than cure! Using a variety of massage techniques, the therapist will break down adhesions, increase circulation, improve elasticity, maximise nutrients received by the muscles and remove acids that cause fatigue. These steps will improve your performance next time, help your recover from a big event or just help you reach your goals without injuries getting in your way.

1 hour: £50

45 minutes: £42

30 minutes: £32.50

Hot Stone Massage

Ultimate relaxation, where the therapist massages with the stones allowing the heat to melt away stress, tension and fatigue. Leaving you feeling relaxed, rebalanced and refreshed!

1 hour: £64.50

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy

Helps Lymphatic system with draining excess fluid.

1 hour £64.50

45 mins £48


Total relaxation, de-stressing, lymphatic & circulation.

1 hour £50

45 mins £43

30 mins £35

Indian Head massage

Relaxing scalp and facial massage to soothe and release tension.

45 minutes: £42

30 minutes: £32.50